November 17, 2009 - Capsa 7.0 - A Brand New Analyzer

We are exciting to announce the formally release of the entirely new version - Capsa 7.0, based on the second-generation Colasoft Packet Analysis Engine (CPAE,) Colasoft Capsa 7.0 offers high-performance and real-time troubleshooting ablity, comprehensive overview of enterprise intranet, helps network engineers pinpoint network problems, prevent network security risks, conduct multi-directional performance monitoring and optimization, and comprehensively enhance enterprise network robustness.

July 20, 2009 - Capsa Network Analyzer Reviewed by

As computers become more ingrained in the daily operations of most companies, it seems that running into problems occurs more frequently and with greater consequences.When it comes to computer networks, the key issues are security, speed, and reliability. A newly improved network analyzer called Capsa 6.9 R2. Read full review...

July 19, 2009 - Test-drive: Colasoft Capsa network analyzer - Review from TechRepublic

We are pleased to announce one of the major media in computer and software technology,, recently published a review of Capsa network analyzer. Read full review...

July 9, 2009 - Capsa Network Analyzer Recently Reviewed by

We are glad to see one of the biggest software directory,, recently tested Capsa 6.9 R2 and wrote us a very impressive review. Read full review...

July 2, 2009 - Capsa Packet Sniffer 6.9 R2 Now Fully Compatible with Windows 7

We are pleased to announce a new version of its flagship product - Capsa Packet Sniffer. The latest release Capsa 6.9 R2 is now fully compatible with the current Windows 7 32bit and 64bit Edition, satisfying the users' growing need for Windows 7 compatibility. Learn More..

July 1, 2009 - Capsa 6.9 R2 is Coming Very Soon

We are going to release Capsa 6.9 R2 very soon, stay close.

June 21, 2009 - Capsa Enterprise Edition Recently Reviewd by

We are happy to see that, which has a special appetite in reviewing and testing monitoring software, recently tested and reviewed Capsa Enterprise Edition, also gave it a very favorable comment.

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June 18, 2009 - Get Colasoft MAC Scanner Pro Edition For Free, Act Now!

Are you ready for this? We are. Say goodbye to the Free edition and get your license key for the Pro edition immediately!

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June 15, 2009 - Upcoming: Get MAC Scanner Pro Edition For Free!

Good news for the users who need advanced features in MAC Scanner Pro:
Later this month we'll announce an event which users can get MAC Scanner Pro (market price $99) completely Free. So please keep up with our blog and be the lucky ones, subscribe our rss with the tool on the right top corner. Good Luck! Learn More..

May 15, 2009 - 10% Discount Only In May, New Coupon Code Released!

Colasoft is saving you from financial crisis!
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May 7, 2009 - UGI Monitors & Analyzes Networks with Colasoft's Network Analyzer Software

Following giant customers like AIRBUS, IBM, INTEL, PEPSI, PHILIPS, UGI now becomes another Colasoft's big customer. UGI will deploy Colasoft Network Analyzer to whole company computer network, to analyze network problems, detect network intrusion attempts, and gain information for effecting a network intrusion, monitor network usage, gather and report network statistics, filter suspect content fromLearn More..

March 30, 2009 - New Partner: Horus-Net GmbH & Co. KG in Remagen, Germany

We are glad to announce that HorusNet, a data communication specialist company whose core competence lies in the analysis and evaluation of measurement data (for LAN, WLAN or VoIP-specific projects), recently becomes our distributer of Colasoft software products in Germany.

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March 23, 2009 - New Partner: Kaltron Security LTD in Nicosia, Cyprus

We are glad to announce that Kaltron Security LTD, an information technology solutions company headquartered in Nicosia, Cyprus, recently becomes a Silver Reseller of Colasoft software products in Cyprus & Greece regions.

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March 3, 2009 - Mozambique, Colasoft Network Analyzer Enters a New Market

link - Sistemas de Information, Lda., a company focused on the implementation of solutions based on Internet platform, has purchased Capsa to add value to its business and increase work efficiency. This means Colasoft enters a new market with is high-performance yet cost-effective network analyzer software products.

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January 6, 2009 - Colasoft Official Blog Newly Released!

We are glad to announce that we've launched Colasoft official blog for improving users' experience, stay close with us for the latest company news & events, tips and howtos.

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