MAC Scanner - Database

Colasoft MAC Scanner supports adding the scan results to a database and allows you do more (add attributes, automatic comparison) with the database records. Every time you execute a new scan, MAC Scanner will compare scan results with the records in database. If there is any discrepancy, MAC Scanner will inform you in Scan Network view.

The following table lists all eight columns in database.

Column Description
IP Address Records IP address. Double-click to modify.
MAC Address Records MAC address. Double-click to modify.
Host Name Records host's name. Double-click to modify.
Workgroup Records the host's group name. Double-click to modify.
User Name Double-click to enter its user name.
Location Double-click to enter its location.
Manufacturer Records the manufacturer of the host's adapter.
Comment Double-click to enter your comment.

The following table describes all items on toolbar.

Item Description
Import Import records from a database file.
Export All Export all database records to your disk, supported format: *.csmdat, *.cscntab, *.csv and *.txt.
Export Selected Export selected database records to your disk, supported format: *.csmdat, *.cscntab, *.csv and *.txt.
Add Add new record to database manually.
Add to Name Table With Add the records to Colasoft Capsa Name Table.
Copy Copy selected records to clipboard.
Delete Delete selected records.
Find Search in records.
Properties Show the properties of a record in Record Properties dialog box.

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