MAC Scanner - Scan Network


Users can custom own scan process by clicking the Setting button to open the Setting dialog box.

You can custom the subsequent threads, ranging from 1 to 100. It will take more time to finish the scan operation if the subsequent thread is more less.

1 - Colasoft MAC Scanner will scan all address one after another.
10 - Colasoft MAC Scanner will generate 10 threads and each will scan 25 addresses synchronously.

Default scan threads number is 20.

Start Scan

Next step after setting scan threads number is to click Local Subnet combo box to select a subnet segment item. Click Start to execute scanning.

You may click Pause to pause or Stop to stop in a scan process.

Scan Network contains six columns, e.g. IP Address, MAC Address, Host Name, Workgroup, Manufacturer and Compare Result.

Compare Result is to display the results of comparing new scanned result with the records in database.

MAC Scanner sums up all the records number and displays the number in status bar.

Scan Network view contains the following columns:

Column Description
IP Address Found IP Address.
MAC Address The MAC address of the IP address.
Host Name The host name of the IP address.
Workgroup The group name of the IP address.
Manufacturer The manufacturer of the host's adapter.
Compare Result Result of comparing new scan result with records in database.

MAC Scanner automatically compares the scan results with the records in database and display comparison results in different colors.


The following table lists all items on toolbar:

Item Description
Setting Sets Scan Threads Number between 1 to 100. 20 by default.
Local Subnet Selects a subnet segment to execute scan.
Start (F5) Starts to scan a network.
Pause (F7) Pauses the scan operation for a while.
Stop (F8) Stops the scan operation.
Export All Exports the whole scan results to a *.cscntab, *.txt and *.csv format file.
Export Selected Exports the selected item(s) of the scan results to a *.cscntab, *.txt and *.csv format file.
Add to Database Adds the selected item(s) to database.
Add to Name Table with Adds the selected item(s) to Colasoft Capsa Name Table.
Copy Copies the selected item(s) to clipboard.
Delete Deletes the selected IP addresses from the results list.
Find Finds a specific item in the san results.

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