Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer Freeware

Capsa Free

Portable Network Analyzer Freeware for Your LAN Network

Capsa Freeis a network analyzer freeware for Ethernet monitoring, troubleshooting and analysis. It provides users with great experience to learn how to monitor network activities, pinpoint network problems, enhance network security. Capsa Free is a special edition of Capsa Network Analyzer for students, teachers and computer geeks to learn protocols and networking technology knowledge.


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Key Feature Capsa Enterprise Capsa Standard Capsa Free
    Price $995 $295 Free
    Trial Download Free Trial Free Trial Download
    Monitors WiFi Connections No No
    IP Addresses Monitored Unlimited 50 10
    Session Timeout Length Unlimited Unlimited 4 hours
    Adapter Monitors
    Manually Save Files
    Online Auto-update No
    Run Multiple Projects No
    Support Multiple Adapters No
    Support Network TAP No
    Printing No
    Export Data No
    Log Output Function No
    Fast Speed Packet Replay No
    Process View No
    Application View No
    TCP Port Scan View No No
    VoIP View No No
    Save Reports No No
    Diagnosis Function No No
    Security Analysis Profile No No
    Custom Reports No No
    Packet Auto-output Function No No
    Auto-Scheduling No No
    ARP Attack View No No
    Worm View No No
    DoS Attacking View No No
    DoS Attacked View No No
    Suspicious Conversation View No No
    Trial Download Free Trial Free Trial Download
    Price $995 $295 Free