From: Mobis Parts Europe N.V

“Colasoft nChronos network performance analysis system performed very well in capturing and analyzing network traffic, on a heavy link with 0 packet loss.”

-- Martin Vasiley, PAN-EU IT Infrastructure Team, Mobis Parts Europe N.V

From: Carvajal Technology & Services

“Colasoft Capsa is the best product we ever used to analyze our network. With an affordable price point, offers several tools that permit us going deeper in our network and determine what's going on real-time.”

-- Marvin Utria, Network and Telecommunication Specialist, Carvajal Technology & Services

From: Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

“Colasoft’s Capsa is a very good product which is worth the price. It could make deep analysis of Network and display very good intuitive interface. Capsa helps me to understand about the real-time situations of the Network.”

-- Luis Guajardo, IT Network Engineer, Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

From: Cudenver(Credit Union of Denver)

"Colasoft’s products offer several tools to help us identify devices and traffic anomalies on our network. They also offer the Wi-Fi application to assist in further network issues or privacy concerns. Colasoft’s Capsa is affordable and efficient!"

-- Benjamin Shumaker, NISO, Credit Union of Denver

From: Technovation Design

"Colasoft's products provided exactly the solution we were looking for at a great price point. It also gave us unique features that we hadn't seen in other products. The ability to "drilldown" on an individual workstation or protocol as easily as Capsa allows is very nice."

-- Aaron Spurlock, Owner, Technovation Design, LLC

From: EDS (Electronic Data Systems)

"Wherever and whenever a networking issue arises I am always able to have my Colasoft Capsa on-hand to diagnose, and resolve, complex issues."

-- Ike Eickholdt, Senior Information Specialist, EDS

From: Coverdell

"Colasoft provides a wonderful, well-priced product line to the small to medium sized companies. With a nice collection of freeware and cost effective, excellent performing software, these solutions will continue to assist Coverdell in the years to come."

-- Thomas Deimel, Network administrator, Coverdell

From: InfoSight, Inc.

"It's the easiest product to use. The support is excellent and the features added in subsequent releases are always well thought-out and beneficial to our company."

-- Eric Gomez, CSO, InfoSight, Inc

From: Australian Jockey Club

"The product as a specific software package serves its purpose exactly as it allows us more freedom to configure the network, maintain and manage the bandwidth from users."

-- Pablo Pelaez, IT Network/Systems Admin, Australian Jockey Club