Keeping pace with business growth and the increased complexity of secure networks that has dramatically increased over the past few years is now a critical function of any business. Using network analysis tools to decrease network problem resolution time has become one of the most important factors that network administrators now have to consider. In enterprise networks where the operation of the business is highly dependent upon that network, minutes - even seconds - of downtime will quickly result in thousands of dollars lost. For network administrators of these networks, the time and effort required to recreate, analyze and troubleshoot an increasing frequency of network issues is both a difficult and costly project. A solution that allows for quick retrospective troubleshooting and the analysis of the historical data leading up to the downtime is a necessity.

Our Solution

Colasoft nChronos, a Network Performance Analysis Solution, enables networking and IT professionals to collect and save up to days or weeks' worth of packet-level network data. This data can be analyzed as nChronos allows the user the ability to navigate time specific periods of the data. Utilizing a simple to use, time based, navigation tool, nChronos can analyze the data to provide insight into network performance of a slow network. The data can also be mined for information on network attacks and security issues as well as giving information that will solve issues that led to network failure.

How It Works

Traditional network analyzers capture the packets and analyze down to the packet level, but are limited by only allowing examination of the data that is currently going through the network. The best data to isolate the problem that occurred on the network is the data that was going through the network at the time of trouble or just prior to the trouble. Not having access to this type of data leaves the network professional spending hours of time trying to ascertain the problem with mostly guesswork. In some cases the cause of trouble may never be uncovered or traced due to lack of clues in the data available.

To take guesswork and inefficient methodology out of the equation, a tool is needed to analyze and obtain data that provided insight to a problem. nChronos provides this efficient tool to protect digital assets similar in the way that a continuous feed of a CCTV system would provide security for physical assets. You could think Colasoft nChronos as a CCTV system for networks, as it acts like a 24/7 surveillance camera, filming every packet on the network, analyzing and saving them to hard disks or RAID. When you need to browse backwards for a retrospective analysis, you just specify a point of time and you get network analysis results of that time period instantly. If you need to go down to packet level network analysis, Colasoft nChronos enables you to retrieve the packets from a Colasoft nChronos server and analyze them with its built-in powerful, and portable in-depth network analyzer, Colasoft nChronos Analyzer).

Sometimes you still need to go down to packet level network analysis. Colasoft nChronos enables you to retrieve the packets from a Colasoft nChronos server and analyze them in build-in powerful Colasoft nChronos Analyzer, the customized Colasoft Capsa network analyzer (a portable and in-depth network analyzer).