Colasoft: nChronos v3 Server and Console Review

nChronos, a product of Colasoft, is one of the cutting edge packet/network analysers that the market has to offer today. What we have been promised by Colosoft through their creation is an end to end, round the clock packet analysis, coupled with historical network analysis. nChronos provides an enterprise network management platform which enables users to troubleshoot, diagnose and address network security and performance issues.

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Arani Mukherjee August 28, 2012

Colasoft nChronos Intro and Troubleshooting

As an independent troubleshooter, I am always interested in tools that are portable and provide instant information. Many times when I am looking at a customer's problem, I cannot assume that they will graciously give me their SNMP strings or access to their network management system. That being the case, RMON and any other flavor of Flow would also be out of the question as well. Honestly, I hope a customer wouldn't willingly give out that kind of information or access to anyone.

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Tony Fortunato March 12, 2013

Colasoft Capsa 7 Enterprise: Network performance and security

As compared to some if the free network analyzers out there, the learning curve for Capsa isn't very steep. You'll get used to it in no time, and the plethora of online video tutorials on their website definitely help. They're quite snappy, and to the point.The software's GUI is very well-structured and easy to understand.

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PCQuest May 1, 2015

Capsa by Colasoft: A Network Engineer's Product Review

I wanted to take the opportunity to do a review of the Colasoft Capsa program. I have been asked about this program often, and I think it is time I do a review. Everyone knows that I like this program and I personally use this network analyzer all the time in my consulting position.

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Shane Killen Feb 9, 2015

Colasoft Capsa 7.8

Colasoft Capsa Enterprise is a network management solution aimed at small and medium-sized businesses and network administrators. This network traffic analyzer lets users monitor, detect, and troubleshoot network issues in a fast and simple manner. Among the powerful features this edition of Capsa includes is the ability to monitor both Ethernet and wireless networks.

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Mariel Rearte Oct 9, 2014

Free Software To Analyze LAN and WLAN Network: Colasoft Capsa Packet Analyzer

Colasoft Capsa Packet Analyzer is a free network analyzer software which can be used to analyze and monitor WLAN and LAN networks. What it actually provides is network monitoring, in depth packet decoding, and advanced protocol analysis of the network you are connected to. The best part is you do not have to install this software on a server to view the details; installing in any client machine of the network will provide you with all the necessary details.

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Shobhan Mandal March 18, 2014

Capsa Is a Comprehensive Network Analysis Tool For LAN & WLAN

If you're a network administrator, you already know how critical it is to have tools at your disposal to keep you apprised of the status of your network and its connected systems. Among the gazillion different apps for Windows, there are numerous different tools and utilities that can aid in network administration. Colasoft¡¯s Capsa desktop application for Windows is one such highly feature-laden, comprehensive network analyzer that can help you in analyzing both your LAN and WLAN in real-time.

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Waqas Ahmed May 23, 2014

Taking Colasoft's Capsa 7 Enterprise For a Spin

A few weeks back, I was invited by Colasoft to take a look at their Capsa 7 Enterprise analyzer . Having a little time off around the holidays, I finally got around to spending a couple of hours with the product. This hardly constitutes an in-depth review, but I can share some of the first impressions this interesting and powerful tool made on me during.

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Lee H. Badman Dec 28, 2013

Capsa Free Gives You the Skinny on Your Network--For Free

When a program has a "free" edition, very often, it is just a demo without a time limit, offering only enough functionality to get you to buy the "real" version. Capsa 7 Free is not such a program; it's a full-featured network traffic monitoring and reporting tool. The features you get for free, without a time limit or unceasing nags, are exceptional.

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Ian Harac Sep 13, 2010

Colasoft Capsa network analyser

If you run any type of network infrastructure there will come a time you need a low-level packet sniffer to work out just what is going on. Colasoft's Capsa product challenges the myth these tools must be hard to use.

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David M Williams July, 26, 2010

Colasoft Capsa v7.2.1 Network Analyser

Using network analysing software, we are able to monitor our network and dig into the various protocols to see what's happening in real time. This can help us understand much better the theoretical knowledge we've obtained throughout the years but, most importantly, help us identify, troubleshoot and fix network issues that we wouldn't be able to do otherwise.

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Chris Partsenidis July 3, 2010

Review: Colasoft Capsa 7.1

At some point in the career of almost any IT professional, there comes a time when a detailed examination of network traffic at the packet level is required to troubleshoot a problem. These problems often occur at the worst time, and having the ability to quickly perform a detailed traffic analysisis critical to resolving the problem swiftly and efficiently.

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Michael Dragone June 1, 2010

Test-drive: Capsa Keeps Tabs on Your SMB Network

Capsa Network Analyzer Professional Edition (various pricing; free, feature-limited, 15-day demo) is a powerful tool for network monitoring. It is not a tool for home users, unless they're very unusual; this is a program aimed at those whose job includes knowing what's going on with their network at an extremely technical level.

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Ian Harac Dec 1, 2009

Review: Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer 6.9 R2 Enterprise Edition

Colasoft's Capsa Network Analyzer simplifies real-time network analysis. In addition to packet decoding, the approachable packet capturing, monitoring and analysis tool helps network engineers diagnose and solve network and bandwidth issues.

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Erik Eckel Sep 17, 2009

Test-drive: Colasoft Capsa network analyzer

Having the right tools on the network is critical to a network administrator's success. In this TechRepublic blog post, IT Jedi Rick Vanover takes a look at the Colasoft Capsa tool for network analytics.

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Rick Vanover July 19, 2009

Colasoft Capsa Provides Comprehensive Network Analysis at Your Fingertips

As computers become more ingrained in the daily operations of most companies, it seems that running into problems occurs more frequently and with greater consequences. When it comes to computer networks, the key issues are security, speed, and reliability. A newly improved network analyzer called Capsa 6.9 R2, developed by Colasoft Inc., can help companies monitor, detect, and troubleshoot network problems.

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Lisa Zyga July 20, 2009

Colasoft Capsa network analyzer

Chances are, if you're in charge of supporting a network of any size, you'll need to look at the actual packets that are passing back and forth across that network. Whether it's to see whether a specific machine is sending or receiving packets as it should, or you want to see the contents of the packets themselves.

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Scott Merrill Aug 3, 2009

Review: Colasoft Capsa 6.9 Enterprise Edition

Launched in November, Colasoft's Capsa 6.9 network protocol analyser has an uphill fight to disturb the leaders in this particular space, mainly because the market has moved on from straight network protocol analysis to digging directly into application network streams.

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Dave Bailey Dec 12, 2008

Capsa Enterprise

Network administrators are responsible for maintaining the availability and integrity of the network and ensuring that the network functions as optimally as possible. To meet that responsibility and deliver the best possible network experience, network administrators need to have the right tools to efficiently monitor and troubleshoot network issues.

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Tony Bradley July 24, 2008

Capsa captures and cooks net comms

We have tested products from many countries, but today we have a first: a Windows network packet capture and protocol analyzer from China. Capsa Enterprise is made by Colasoft, and we are very impressed.

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Mark Gibbs Dec 4, 2006