New Release of nChronos Network Performance Analysis System v6.4 Comes Hand in Hand With UPM Network Performance Management Platform v6.4

Chengdu, China, June 19, 2024 - Colasoft Co., Ltd., a visionary provider of network performance analysis and diagnostics solutions, today announced the release of nChronos Network Performance Analysis System v6.4 comes hand in hand with UPM Unified Performance Management Platform v6.4.

Colasoft nChronos designed for 24x7 network packets capturing, analysis and storage, dedicated to the sustainable, efficient and safe running of networks, and provides a reliable data basis for determining constructive suggestions for enterprise profit growth.

Colasoft UPM is a network performance management platform that can comprehensively monitor the service quality of all nodes of business systems, quickly find and locate issues affecting key business performance and stability. Colasoft UPM collects all real-time analysis data from Colasoft nChronos which are deployed separately at the critical network links and provides operation staff with vivid and graphic working status of every node in the business network.

"The rapid growth of connected devices and technologies has led to a significant increase in network traffic. The surge in data flow puts immense pressure on network infrastructure, requiring robust capacity planning and bandwidth management to prevent congestion and ensure optimal performance. Meanwhil, the need for agility and flexibility in network management further complicates the landscape. Enterprises must adapt quickly to changing business requirements, deploy new services or applications seamlessly, and ensure scalability without disrupting existing operations. That makes the whole network visibility quite important. Colasoft has the ability to provide full raw packets to make things clear, and we significantly reduce the MTTR than anybody else." said Lin Kang, President of Colasoft. The new release of UPM provide a brand new Scene Center, which allows customers to have a clear understanding of the business logic of the entire network to achieve whole network visibility.

The latest release of nChronos features:

  • Support extraction and push of protocol metadata.
  • Enable calling third-party shared object (so) libraries during transaction decoding.
  • Support transaction parsing for Mongo and PostgreSQL databases.
  • SMTP configuration supports Oauth2.0 authentication.
  • Enable import and export of virtual interface configurations.
  • Add a status column in the interface configuration list to indicate the status of each interface.
  • Support specifying the direction of the physical address when creating a physical address virtual interface.
  • Add two new transmission medium types, Raw IP and Linux cooked capture, in interface configuration.
  • Add DSCP statistics table in MAC sub-link analysis.
  • Add "IP version" field in the statistics tables for service ports, IP sessions, TCP sessions, and UDP sessions.
  • Add RTT and delay metrics in the DSCP statistics table.
  • Support the identification and parsing of MSRDP_OVER_SSL, ISIS, and GMTLS protocols.

An evaluation version of nChronos v6.4 is available for download at

The latest release of UPM features:

  • Support automatic business-based root cause analysis.
  • Support LINE, Telegram, WeChat interface, renew the default API send method.
  • Support ICMP logs analysis and retrospective.
  • Support voip terminal automatic discovery terminal function supports upper and lower levels.
  • Support all alert logs support additional information display and IP address support name table send.
  • Support Report application chart, IP client, the server object statistical figure and table component.
  • The system supports automatically associating out the path of the session trace.
  • Support TCP, UDP service port no traffic alerts.
  • Support UPM to supervisor monitor the nChronos performance of whole machine.

An evaluation version of UPM v6.4 is available for download at

About Colasoft

Since 2001, Colasoft has dedicated itself to the development of NPMD (network performance monitoring and diagnostics) software and hardware solutions. More than 10000 commercial customers from over 100 countries choose Colasoft NPMD solutions, including government agencies, financial services, education, manufacturing, transportation, utilities and energy. Featured customers include IBM, Dell, Philips, Emerson, and other industry leading companies. For more information about Colasoft and its solutions, please visit our web site at