“Colasoft Capsa is the best product we ever used to analyze our network. With an affordable price point, offers several tools that permit us going deeper in our network and determine what's going on real-time.”

- Marvin Utria, Network and Telecommunication Specialist, Carvajal Technology & Services

Company Brief

Carvajal Technology and Services (Carvjal), is a multinational company that provides integrated solutions and Business Process (BPO), Information Technology (ITO) and Applications Process Outsourcing(APO) in Latin America for consumers, industry, finance and insurance, education, government, natural resources, telecommunications and health sectors.

The Challenge

With long experience and an ample service offer which can respond to technology needs and process outsourcing in different industry sectors, Carvajal requires a kind of analyse software which could meet the business network needs. With the advent of new technologies and the growing demand for application bandwidth, it became necessary for Cavajal to find a kind of network analyser which allows adapting to these requirements without losing sight of the complexity of the operation. Also, Carvajal needs a kind of software with an Online Auto Update function which could save the time to upgrade it to a new version.

The Solution

According to the requirement of Cavajal, Colasoft Capsa exactly meets the needs. With the Online Auto Update function, Cavajal can easily and quickly experience new version of Capsa when receiving new installation packets over the Internet.

Furthermore, a great diversity of reporting and monitoring options is what Cavajal needs to get network information. Capsa which could provide a powerful and comprehensive packet capture and analysis solution, meets Cavajal’s need.

Cavajal needs act quickly as possible against issues in the network. Some features for get rapid response are what are necessary: portability, flexibility, precision, robustness and data processing agility help Cavajal to take decision.

Capsa provides to analyze bandwidth and performance of data and voice applications. It helps Cavajal to find the emergent network problem in the business.


“Capsa is a kind of continuous improvement tool. And it analyzes quickly when applications are consuming bandwidth and takes actions quickly to prevent involvement of critical services.”

Contact Info

Address: Calle 29N #6ª – 40 Cali, Colombia
Phone: +57 2 6510550, +1 305 4486875
Email: marvin.utria@carvajal.com
Website: http://www.carvajal.com/carvajal-technology-and-services.html?lang=en