Colasoft nChronos network performance analysis system performed very well in capturing and analyzing network traffic, on a heavy link with 0 packet loss.”

- Martin Vasiley, PAN-EU IT Infrastructure Team, Mobis Parts Europe N.V

Company Brief

Mobis Parts Europe N.V. (Mobis) distributes automotive parts and accessories. It offers a range of spare parts, including wiper blades, batteries, and bulbs, as well as remanufactured parts. The company offers parts and accessories for compact, mid-sized, and coupe model vehicles, as well as MPVs, SUVs, and LCVs. It serves dealers in Germany.

The Challenge

Mobis is a company with large business every day. In order to monitor the busy network of Mobis, a retrospective network analysis system which is able to monitor and record network packets 24*7 and alert users of suspicious activities counts a lot of them.

The 24*7 monitoring of Mobis network will bring vast amounts of analysis data, so comprehensive network performance monitoring reports will be produced. Therefore, Mobis requires a system with user- defined reports. Besides, Mobis needs a network performance analysis system with instant reports so that the IT administrators could receive the directly view on the Report window and compare report data with historical data.

The Solution

Colasoft nChronos provides 24*7 network packets capturing, analysis and storage function which brings a network performance monitoring on a heavy link with 0 packet losses.

The user-defined reports of nChronos provide various reports to let users easily know what happed in the network. Colasoft nChronos provides 2 types of report view, there are instant reports and scheduled reports. Instant reports are the reports users can directly view on the Report window of nChronos Console. Instant report could be any one of System Reports and User-Defined Reports. Scheduled reports are the reports scheduled by users and can only be available in the email inbox.


“Colasoft’s efficient and rapid response on the technical support and after-sales service is also worthy of praise. Thanks again for assistance for our network maintenance jobs with the high-quality products and services.”

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