"The product as a specific software package serves its purpose exactly as it allows us more freedom to configure the network, maintain and manage the bandwidth from users."

- Pablo Pelaez, IT Network/Systems Admin, Australian Jockey Club

Company Brief

The AJC aims to present one of the world's premier thoroughbred racing experiences. It does this by striving to achieve top quality racing and presentation of Carnivals, providing the finest customer service to members, owners, sponsors and the general public, and by recently implementing a plan to upgrade facilities that will showcase the Club as a world class provider of racing, entertainment and events.

The Challenge

AJC has a big network of more than 120 computers. They had a problem that a rogue computer that was using P2P software on one of their DMZ and they were unable to track down the computer.

The Solution

(Colasoft Capsa Enterprise)
With Colasoft Capsa AJC network administrator is able to sniff out the users on certain time and pick up the computer that was using up the bandwidth, then regain bandwidth for internet services.

"Colasoft Capsa allows me to look at internet traffic and usage at a protocol level and check internet security by over seeing what was happening on DMZ. It suits our needs to a T."

- Pablo Pelaez, IT Network/Systems Admin, Australian Jockey Club

Contact Info

Address: Gate 1, Alison Road Randwick, Admin building
Phone: 02-96638482
Email: ppelaez@ajc.org.au
Website: www.ajc.org.au