"Wherever and whenever a networking issue arises I am always able to have my Colasoft Capsa on-hand to diagnose, and resolve, complex issues."

-Ike Eickholdt, Senior Information Specialist, EDS

Company Brief

EDS is a leading global technology services company delivering systems integration, networking, software development, hardware and software support services.

The Challenge

Clients system needed to be deployed on-time and on-budget.
EDS has a global network with over 100,000 computers. EDS also supports a broad range of global clients some of which also have well over 100,000 networked devices. The project that caused EDS to purchase Colasoft was a complex Java based application, with a database and multiple servers, deployed on General Motors, used across multiple locations. When the client's application was piloted, the initial locations had great connectivity and the application functioned normally. As the pilot progressed, remote locations were reporting only partial or no functionality.

The Solution

(Colasoft Capsa Enterprise)
Using Colasoft Capsa, EDS first captured data as the end users performed their system test cases, then EDS performed some analysis. Next EDS mapped out the servers, networking components and subnets being utilized to fulfill the system capability. After understanding how the system should perform under normal circumstances, EDS carried out the same procedures where the system was not performing properly. Then EDS did a comparative analysis to see what was different. What EDS did find to be different was that the client PCs, at the locations where the system was not functioning properly, would send out packet information to the server, the server would then respond, however the packets were not getting to the destination client. It turned out that some specific subnets had filters on them and so Router Ops. was engaged to make a change to the network to allow the system to function normally.

"Prior use, great performance for the price, runs on a non-proprietary platform, easy to understand and use. Without Colasoft Capsa the complex Java based system problem may have caused significant delays and unnecessary expense to EDS."

- Ike Eickholdt, Senior Information Specialist, EDS

Contact Info

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Phone: 248-685-9628
Email: Ike.eickholdt@eds.com
Website: http://www.eds.com