“Colasoft’s Capsa is a very good product which is worth the price. It could make deep analysis of Network and display very good intuitive interface. Capsa helps me to understand about the real-time situations of the Network.”

- Luis Guajardo, IT Network Engineer, Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc.

Company Brief

As a member of the Panasonic family, Universal Lighting Technologies, Inc. (Universal) is committed to the highest quality, leading edge research and development. With a comprehensive product line and a team of experts standing by to customize its technology to specific needs, Universal can provide the perfect lighting solution to maximize energy savings in any commercial or industrial application, including compact and linear fluorescent ballasts, HID and eHID ballasts, and the complete EVERLINE® family of LED light engines, modules, and drivers.

The Challenge

Universal is a company with multiple locations and is connected by MPLS Wan Network. To analyze the complicated Network, Universal needs a Network analyzer which has intuitive and simple real-time graphic dashboard with deep analysis.

Comparing with other network analyze products which Universal used before, a product which is easy to implement and tune up and displays clear graphic is what it needs. Also, Universal plan to display a network dashboard in a big TV to monitor the real-time network behavior.

The Solution

The Full Screen Interface with a lot of predefined metrics to plot of Colasoft Capsa is what Universal is searching for. Capsa could analyze network in real-time with threshold to send alerts of abnormal behaviors and display a nice graphic interface dashboard.

Simple to implement, Colasoft Capsa helps the IT experts in Universal well understand what is happening in the network. Besides, the sound alters and email alerts of Capsa helps IT experts to find out what is out of the normal Network flow.


“By avoiding unnecessary WAN traffic, Colasoft Capsa makes our production network run clean. It saves our time and money.”

Contact Info

Address: 51 Century Blvd Ste 230, Nashville TN. 37214
Phone: +1(615)316-5353
Email: LGuajardo@unvlt.com
Website: www.unvlt.com