"Colasoft's products provided exactly the solution we were looking for at a great price point. It also gave us unique features that we hadn't seen in other products. The ability to "drilldown" on an individual workstation or protocol as easily as Capsa allows is very nice."

- Aaron Spurlock, Owner, Technovation Design, LLC

Company Brief

Technovation Design is an SMB network support outsourcing company which provides innovative solutions in computer and network installation, support and training.

The Challenge

As an IT outsourcing organization, Technovation Design needs to be able to provide its clients with a high level of service, including several services they probably wouldn't get with an inhouse IT staff. Many organizations don't know how their Internet bandwidth is being used, or which computers are doing what activity, and Technovation Design needs to provide this information to them.

"Being able to clearly track bandwidth use has always been a difficult task. Trying to cobble together several open source products, while effective, is not simple. Our goal was providing this information to our clients in a clear, concise manner, and in an acceptable timeframe."

- Aaron Spurlock, Owner, Technovation Design, LLC

The Solution

(Colasoft Capsa Enterprise)
Colasoft Capsa Enterprise allowed Technovation Design to create a "sniffing" computer that could be rotated through its clients. This allows Technovation Design to add value to its normal service by providing its clients a detailed report of how their Internet is being used. This has enabled its clients to make better judgments regarding bandwidth upgrades, Internet use policies and purchases of content filtering products.

Technovation Design solidified its competitive edge against its competitors by adding value to its service. By providing its clients with a detailed snapshot of their network traffic, they've seen the level of expertise Technovation Design brings to their networks, and clients are more likely to stay with them for a long time to come.

Being able to quickly identify problem areas, Technovation Design has been able to track down virus-infected computers, computers running file sharing programs, and overall better the bandwidth use of its clients.

"I've been very happy with Capsa Enterprise. The ability to generate reports on demand, and the ability to quickly drilldown on individual workstations or protocols has impressed our clients. The Colasoft products are a great value for what you get. They enable organizations of all sizes to understand how their networks are being used, and actively find issues that may occur."

- Aaron Spurlock, Owner, Technovation Design, LLC

Other Quotes

"One of our clients was having dramatic Internet slowdowns in the middle of the day. Within five minutes of plugging in Capsa Enterprise, we had identified a computer downloading unacceptable files via peer to peer file sharing. After dealing with that issue, their Internet has been fine."

- Aaron Spurlock, Owner, Technovation Design, LLC

Contact Info

Address: 1100 Country Hills Drive, Ogden, Utah, 84403, USA
Phone: 801-627-2866
Email: mail@technovationdesign.com
Website: http://www.technovationdesign.com