"Colasoft provides a wonderful, well-priced product line to the small to medium sized companies. With a nice collection of freeware and cost effective, excellent performing software, these solutions will continue to assist Coverdell in the years to come."
-Thomas Deimel, Network administrator, Coverdell

Company Brief

Coverdell is a full-service marketing services company with offices in Atlanta and Chicago.

The Challenge

Coverdell has a network of 225 computers. It used to have issues with SMTP and Exchange working with Frontbridge (Microsoft Hosted Exchange Services) and needed to find the break down with communication between Coverdell and Frontbridge. Before these issues could be addressed, it needed to capture and understand SMTP traffic on network and beyond.

The Solution

(Colasoft Capsa Enterprise)
With Colasoft Capsa Enterprise, Coverdell successfully captured SMTP traffic on network and beyond, and eventually found the problem and communicated it to Microsoft and Juniper. Juniper solved the problem with the information provided by Colasoft Capsa Enterprise.

"Coverdell was able to obtain the application quickly requiring minimum training to obtain the results in assisting solve this issue. Going forward, Colasoft provides Coverdell addition ability to collect and maintain Coverdell's network environment."

- Thomas Deimel, Network administrator, Coverdell

Contact Info

Address: 8420 West Bryn Mawr Avenue
Phone: 773-867-4400
Email: Tdeimel@coverdell.com
Website: http://www.coverdell.com