"It's the easiest product to use. The support is excellent and the features added in subsequent releases are always well thought-out and beneficial to our company."

- Eric Gomez, CSO, InfoSight, Inc

Company Brief

InfoSight, Inc. offers innovative and leading-edge information technology, managed security, and consulting services to optimize how an institutions' business-critical information is processed, managed and stored.

The Challenge

With an array of services designed specifically for the financial industry, InfoSight's solutions extend beyond the restrictions of business-as-usual information management to the engineering, implementation and management of an integrated information system for their customers. They need to provide hundreds of institutions around the country with innovative managed services and technology solutions to keep a business secure, reliable, and compliant.

The Solution

(Colasoft Capsa Enterprise)
With Colasoft Capsa, InfoSight is capable of identifying network bottlenecks and configuration errors of their customers' network devices. By using the protocol identifies, it also helps InfoSight to identify those end users who are abusing their network privileges by accessing Internet-based radio and other multimedia applications.

"Colasoft Capsa grants us the opportunity to quickly determine where bottlenecks may be occurring in the network."

- Eric Gomez, CSO, InfoSight, Inc

Contact Info

Address: 14100 Palmetto Frontage Rd, Suite 310, Miami Lakes, FL
Phone: 305-828-1003
Email: sales@infosightinc.com
Website: www.infosightinc.com