The logs in Colasoft Capsa can record global or scope-specific network events, containing 9 types of log primarily generated by the advanced analyzers: DNS analysis, Email messages, FTP transfers, HTTP webpage visits, VoIP calls and VoIP signalings.

network analysis logs

  1. Global Log - lists all the records of the 9 types of log below.
  2. DNS Log - presents the analysis results of DNS requests and responses.
  3. Email Log - lists emails sending and receiving activities with client address, server address, sender name, receiver name and so on. Also emails can be duplicated to a folder on your hard disk.
  4. FTP Log - offers the records of FTP uploads and downloads.
  5. HTTP Log - presents the records of HTTP webpage visits including visiting time, client address, server address, webpage URL, and so on.
  6. VoIP Call Log - displays the information of VoIP calls including date and time, call ID, MOS-A, MOS-V, server response time, talking time, status, and so on.
  7. VoIP Signaling Log - displays the information of VoIP signalings including date and time, source IP, destination IP, call ID, summary, and so on.