Troubleshooting network problems can be a very difficult and challenging task. While most IT engineers use a network analyzer to help solve network problems, when analyzing hundreds or thousands of packets, it can become very hard to locate and further research conversations between hosts. Colasoft Capsa version 8 now introduces a new feature that allows users to colorize the relevant network packets on the Packet view from MAC Conversation, IP Conversation, TCP Conversation and UDP Conversation views.

This great new feature allows IT engineers to quickly find the related network packets of the conversations they want to analyze emphatically, using just a few clicks.

As shown in the screenshot below, users can colorize any network conversation in the MAC Conversation View, IP Conversation View, TCP Conversation View and UDP Conversation View. Packets related to that Conversation will be colorized automatically with the same color.

Take TCP conversation for example, choose one conversation, right-click it and choose "Select Conversation Color" in the pop-up menu:

Improve Network Analysis Efficiency

Figure 1. Selecting a Conversation Color in Capsa v8.0

Next, select the color you wish to use to highlight the specific network conversation:

Improve Network Analysis Efficiency

Figure 2. Selecting a color

Once the color has been selected, Capsa will automatically find and highlight all related network packets of this conversation using the same background color:

Improve Network Analysis Efficiency

Figure 3. Colasoft Capsa automatically identifies and highlights the conversation

The relevance between a conversation and its packets is enhanced by colorizing packets which greatly improves analysis efficiency. Capsa version 8 allows you to colorize the relevant network packets on the Packet view.