• Poor traffic and data statistics asked for a visible network performance analysis solution.
  • Resolve slow response of business-related applications problem to assure the business quality and improve end users experience.


  • nChronos Appliance for network performance analysis
  • Expert Analyzer(Capsa Enterprise) for packet analysis


  • Traffic dropped by 60%.
  • Provides the evidence of evaluating and delimitating responsibility of network problems.
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Customer Profile

This leading telecommunications services provider is one of the 3 major telecom operators in China.

They provide full communications services in all 31 provinces, autonomous regions and directly-administered municipalities throughout Mainland China and in Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, and boasts the world's largest mobile network and the world's largest mobile customer base. Its businesses primarily consist of mobile voice and data business, wireline broadband and other information and communications services. With more than $700 billion in annual revenues tied to delivering internet and phone services, it is no doubt that they keep an eye on the network performance management and diagnosis.

The Challenge

With the comprehensive construction and rapid development of network infrastructure and application, the network carries more and more key services and applications. Ensuring the access quality of the application, stable and efficient operation of the network have become the key to support the company's business operations.

To ensure the stable and efficient operation of the networks and applications in a secure environment has always been the main task of the IT Team. Nowadays the networks and applications are becoming more complex, the possibility of failure is greater, the loss is greater, and the cyber attack is more and more common and hidden. How to quickly locate the network problems and find out the attacker have become a headache for network managers.

Problems with the company's network include poor traffic and data statistics, and slow response to business-related applications after network failures occur. In order to ensure the stable and efficient operation of the core business system, and provide complete and powerful network support for the business applications and services, and build a more high-speed, stable and secure network, it asked to upgrade and optimize the network performance analysis system.

Solution & Action

To solve the network and application performance problems above, the IT Team employs Colasoft nChronos appliance to capture packets and monitor the network traffic 7*24, which aims to quickly locate the network problem.

When CRM issues were reported, IT team found that the Gigabit one-way utilization of a single APP server reached 100%. With the aid of Colasoft solution, it discloses traffic congestion problem that the WEB server frequently accessed local URL list of APP server, and the specific request caused a rebound, similar to an attack. With this knowledge, IT Team redress the URL list to local WEB server and solve the problem in less than 20 minutes.

In the routine inspections of the whole network, IT team also use nChronos to perform packet analysis on network traffic and display the trends of all network traffic. Sometime, occasional abnormal traffic will appear during the routine inspections, and some network problems have a short duration. Retrospective analysis ability of nChronos lets personnel resolve the problems through a hierarchical, drill-down approach before user reported.

Result & Value

Since deploying nChronos, the IT team has been able to quickly find and locate the network problem, so they can fix the problem rapidly, and saving time, staff and financial cost. In the CRM case, after the local URL list of the APP server was migrated to the Web server, the traffic dropped by 60%, the link bandwidth utilization rate was greatly alleviated, and the CRM visits of each branch returned to the normal level. This is able to prevent the revenue loss, and in turn improve it.

Identifying and solving the network problems before users report has improved the IT team's reputation, and also it provides the evidence of evaluating and delimitating responsibility of network problems. It accelerates problem resolution through cross-departmental collaboration in some scenario. Extensively, IT team is able to plan and deploy IT equipment and resources more reasonably and efficiently.