Colasoft provide visitors the downloadable packet samples for protocol analysis. To properly use the samples, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the demo of Colasoft Capsa and finish the installation.
  2. Download and save the analysis sample you are interested in.
  3. Double click the sample packet file to open it with Colasoft Capsa.

Type Name Description Download ZIP Format
Arp-Gernal Packet file for normal communication packet of ARP
ARP-snoop ARP deceive packet file
DNS Error over UDP Based on error packet of UDP
DNS Query over UDP Based on request packet of UDP
DNS Response over UDP Based on response packet of UDP
FTP Control FTP control connection packet
FTP Data FTP data connection packet
HTTP-general HTTP communication packet in gerneral condition
IP-fragments IP fragment packet
Nimda.cscpkt Nimda virus communication packet
TCP-ack-scan TCP ACK packet attack
TCP-syn-attack TCP SYN packet attack
Telnet-general Telnet logging on packet generally
VLAN 802.1Q Packet with added 802.1Q tag