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Network Traffic Monitor

Monitor Network Traffic with Capsa Portable Network Analyzer

Why Monitor Network Traffic

Network traffic monitoring and analysis can be a real difficult problem for most of network administrators. Network traffic is often un-predictable, and network bottlenecks appear without any warning. However, it can lead to downtime even loss if you cannot monitor and troubleshoot the network problems in time when problems occur.

Products like Capsa portable network analyzer provides you an easy-to-use network traffic monitor tool. The software enables you to capture all network traffic in real time, monitor network traffic and bandwidth usage, display the data received and sent by every host in LAN/WLAN in different views.

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Benefits of Network Traffic Monitor

With Capsa network analyzer for network traffic monitoring, you can,

  • Find network bottleneck and optimize network performance
  • Discover which protocol/application expend the network bandwidth
  • Minimize disruption to critical business
  • Provide better quality of network service to users
  • Easily troubleshoot network problems with automatic expert network
    Diagnosis View

Network Traffic Details in Capsa Interface

  • Network traffic monitoring in the Summary View
  • Network traffic monitoring in the Portocol View
  • Network traffic monitoring in the IP View
  • Network traffic monitoring in the Matrix View

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