Centralized Business Network Monitoring

Unified Performance Management Solution

Colasoft Unified Performance Management (UPM) platform is a business-oriented network performance management solution. It is capable of monitoring service quality of all respects of a business network and quickly detecting and pinpointing problems affecting performance and stability of key business.

  • Visualize business running status
  • Quick analysis of business performance problems
  • Application comprehensive index query

Colasoft UPM aims to maximize business network management efficiency and network fault troubleshooting capability by providing business-centered network supporting environment review, real-time performance monitoring and quick detecting of network fault. Colasoft UPM collects all real-time analysis data from Colasoft nChronos which are deployed distributedly at each network node and provides operations staff with vivid and graphic working status of every node in the business network.

Colasoft Unified Performance Management Value

Improve the capacity of dealing with complex business systems

The performance analysis capability of Colasoft UPM is very powerful. When network performance is degrading, Colasoft UPM is capable of detecting the problem at the very first time, quickly pinpointing the source of the problem, and isolating the source machine at the same time. In this way, Colasoft UPM can prevent the degradation of business network performance so as to help operations staff manage their increasing network and application requirements.

Reduce time of troubleshooting network faults

Colasoft UPM provides business-based performance monitoring capacity. It is capable of evaluating the effect of every application which supports the business system and network performance degradation to business. By quickly locating the source of the problem, it helps operations staff to reduce time of troubleshooting network faults.

Reduce human resource costs

Colasoft UPM provides centralized business-based performance management. Different from traditional isolated monitoring mode, Colasoft UPM offers real-time monitoring and analyzing of the business network as well as related applications. With this automatic and intelligent solution, the human resource costs can be further reduced.

UPM Business Performance Management System

Probe Monitor

UPM Center provides a Probe Traffic Monitor page to display traffic trend charts for each probe. The trend charts can be drawn based on packets, probe utilization, bytes, alarms, packet size distribution and TCP packets. The trend charts could be 1-second scale window, 1-minute scale window, 1-hour scale window or 1-day scale window.

A Probe Index Monitor page is also provided to display indexes for each probe. The indexes could be the statistical items on trend charts, and could be top statistical items. You can monitor multiple indexes for one probe, or compare the index value among several probes.

Probe Analysis

A Probe Traffic Analysis page is added to display probe traffic, traffic comparison analysis and traffic trend analysis. You can specify a time range to view a probe's traffic status and check it with its baseline traffic. Traffic comparison analysis is available to show the traffic information in different history time ranges. UPM is further capable of forecasting the traffic trend based on history traffic.Probe traffic report is provided and can be saved to local. The probe traffic report displays traffic information for the selected probe in the specified time range, including total traffic, packets size distribution, TCP packets, etc.

Business Performance Monitor

Besides centralized business monitor, UPM 5.1 provides business group performance monitor and business global performance monitor. With group performance monitor, user can customize business group and build the relationships between the groups. UPM system intelligently evaluates the performance and graphically displays the running status of each business in the group, so that users can find abnormal business quickly.With business global performance monitor, users can view the running status of all business nodes and will find abnormal node in a direct way.

Network Performance Monitor

UPM 5.1 provides a Network Performance Monitor page, which allows users to customize network communication paths and monitor the paths in real-time. You can even add a map or a network diagram as a background for the communication paths, which makes the monitor more intuitive. You can click a path to perform detailed path analysis.

Outline Network Communication

Based on the service visit data from frontend devices, UPM 5.1 graphically displays the visit relationships among hosts and services on the network to thereby help users quickly define network segments, applications and network paths.Furthermore, network segments can be automatically defined based on the traffic captured by frontend.

Real-time Alarms

Besides business alarm, UPM 5.1 adds probe traffic alarm and network performance alarm. Users can customize probe traffic alarm, while network performance alarms are built in by UPM. When alarms are triggered, the time line will be colored to indicate different alarm level, and alarms will be displayed on all monitor pages. Furthermore, UPM provides a Probe Traffic Alarm page and a Network Performance Alarm page, which show alarm statistics in doughnut chart and bar chart. An alarm list is also provided to display detailed alarm logs. You can download packet related to that alarm log, or launch nChronos Console to perform deep analysis.

Visualize Business Running Status

Colasoft UPM enhances network management mode from physical network-oriented to business network-oriented, enables users to make proactive network analysis strategy based on business system. It enables operations staff to know the running quality of every single business at any time by displaying the running status of businesses with graphs and charts.

Quick Analysis of Business Performance Problem

Colasoft UPM displays the running status of all the applications which form a business with business logic graphs. Users can review the application services, hosts and network paths supporting business system from this graph. It also supports graphically displaying the key performance indexes and working status of the business, so as to help users quickly locate the key link which causes business system anomaly.

Provide Original Packets

Colasoft UPM supports download of original packets. Users can download application packets of any time period stored at the headend collection point related to the business, so as to provide direct data evidence to solve complex business fault.

Multi-segment Correlation Troubleshooting

Colasoft UPM supports correlated analysis of data of one application collected at different points, so as to find the problems of segment loss, retransmission and time delay of the application and help users find and locate the network node causing the low quality of the application service.

Application Comprehensive Index Query

Colasoft UPM provides query of more than 70 indexes. It also supports comparison analysis of the indexes at the same period in history, displaying with abundant graphs. Users can learn and analyze the running status and fault reason of the application service in an all-round way through comprehensive index query.

SLA Report

Colasoft UPM is capable of generating regular and customized business monitoring SLA reports, summarizing and figuring out the statistical data of the businesses, application service running time, fault time, no-fault time, fault rate and no-fault rate related to the businesses, helping decision-maker to master the historical running status of all key businesses and all applications which form the business.

As a network business oriented performance management system, Colasoft UPM helps users promote business oriented, proactive network operational capability, ensure the running of businesses, and enhance troubleshooting efficiency.

System Requirements for UPM Center

Operating system: CentOS 6.6 x64

CPU: Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5504 2.00GHz *2


HD space: 4TB

RAID level: RAID5

Network adapter: At least one gigabit Ethernet interface

Database version: MongoDB 3.0.1

Java version: 1.7.0_67

System Requirements for UPM Client


  • Google Chrome 37.0.2062.124 or higher
  • Internet Explorer 10 or higher

Screen resolution: 1600*900 or higher

For technical specifications about nChronos, please refer to Colasoft nChronos Technical Specifications.

Colasoft UPM Provides IT Professionals

  • Centralized business monitoring support.
  • Intelligent application review support.
  • Business logic diagram support.
  • Business history analysis support.
  • Multi-segment analysis support.
  • Overall index query support.
  • Packet download support.
  • Configuration forwarding support.


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