Colasoft Ping Tool is one of the free network tools provided by Colasoft LLC. Colasoft Ping Tool supports ping multiple IP addresses simultaneously and list the comparative responding times in a graphic chart, which makes it outstanding other ping tools. Our users can not only view historical charts by saving them to *.bmp files, but also ping the IP addresses of captured packets in network analyzer (e.g. Colasoft Capsa Network Analyzer) conveniently, including the resource IP addresses and destination IP addresses.

File Size 25.7 MB    Latest Version 2.0
License Type Freeware  Requirements Windows 2000/XP/2003/Vista/7/8/10
Release Date 06/21/2016  Limitations No limitations

Colasoft Ping Tool displays the operation and the statistic results of ping with three windows.

Colasoft Ping tool

  • Graphic window

    The Graphic window of Colasoft Ping Tool at the upper place is used to display the secular trend of ping time. It reveals every single ping command in a graphic way. The X axes indicates the real ping time while the Y axes indicates the ping response time.
  • Ping - Summary

    The Ping Summary window provides basic information such as IP address, locations, packets received/sent/lost, as well as response time of all required IP addresses or domain names.
  • Ping - Details

    The Ping Detail window displays all the detailed information of ping execution. The Ping Detail window will displays the corresponding ping results when you select an IP address or domain name in the ping. Colasoft Ping Tool has two kinds of display types: classical and list. The classical display view is the same as the output of windows ping. The list display view is the display format of Colasoft, it lists TimeStamp(in second), Status, Bytes, Response Time and TTL.

Ping one address/domain

For a clear view, please move your mouse cursor to the graph. Colasoft Ping tool will highlight the specific node and node border upon it. An annotation will automatically popup which contains the domain name and response time. The response time in the annotation will be a range of time when your mouse cursor puts on the grid, while it will be a time if your mouse cursor puts on the grid line.

Ping multiple addresses/domains

Colasoft Ping tool allows you to ping multiple IP addresses and domain names at one time without upper limit of the addresses' number. Enters IP addresses and domain name into the address pane, separate each other with a blank space, comma or semicolon, then clicks the Start Ping button to execute ping command.

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