Services registered for this port (from Neohapsis)

tcpBrownOrifice[trojan] Brown Orifice
tcpBrownOrifice[trojan] Brown Orifice
tcpGenericbackdoor[trojan] Generic backdoor
tcphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)
tcpRemoConChubo[trojan] RemoConChubo
tcpReverseWWWTunnel[trojan] Reverse WWW Tunnel Backdoor
tcpRingZero[trojan] RingZero
udphttp-altHTTP Alternate (see port 80)

Vulnerabilities for this port (from CVE)

CVE ID Protocol Source Port Targetport
Description: Real Networks RealServer 7.x allows remote attackers to cause a denial of service via a malformed request for a page in the viewsource directory.
Description: The Delegate application proxy has several buffer overflows which allow a remote attacker to execute commands.

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