Network Monitoring is the action of checking computers, systems and network systems. Network monitor is a part of Microsoft Systems Management Server often known as SMS. Network Monitors supervise Wide Area Network (WAN), Local Area Network (LAN), servers, switches, applications and more. Network Monitoring is the source that helps network administrators to improvise their network.

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Network monitors provide information regarding network related problems even before a problem develops. It also provides guidance on how to improve the network. Network monitors bring forth log files and charts of performance that are assigned to check system's responses and capabilities. Network Monitoring should be conducted with proper and suitable software in order to obtain better results.

Proper network monitor software can identify future and present network related problems even before the problem develops or system crashes. Network monitors perpetually monitor computer network for failing or slow systems, and in case of outages via pagers or e-mails, it notifies the administrators.

Network monitors automatically apprize the network administrator about network failure or network problem and compose expanded log files. Network Monitors takes suitable actions by rebooting the system or by running a script and monitor the problems that are caused by crashed or overloaded servers or network connection.

Network monitor software sends a test message through Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) to ensure the condition of e-mail server, which is received by Internet Message Access Protocol (IMAP). To ensure the condition of web server, network monitor software sends HTTP a request to get a page. With Network Monitor, users can monitor any IP networked device on Local Area Network (LAN). It has the ability to detect issues like failed logins (which causes suspicious), someone using particular protocols, or connecting to particular sites.

Most network monitors can supervise Internet usage and also registers fingerprints of each network connection in its database. Users can trace out browser toolbars, worms, plug-ins, viruses, and more. Built-in pager and e-mail alarm keeps network administrator informed on all the important happenings in network.

Network Monitoring provides detailed information on Network Monitoring, Network Monitoring Software, Network Monitoring Tools, Network Performance Monitoring and more. Network Monitoring is affiliated with Network Bandwidth Monitors.

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Sniffer® is a registered trademark of Network General Corporation. The word "sniffer" is also commonly referred to as the software tool for auditing and identifying network traffic packets. An example of a sniffer is a packet sniffer. Other product names and brand names are trademarks of their respective holders.