Colasoft: nChronos v3 Server and Console Review nChronos, a product of Colasoft, is one of the cutting edge packet/network analysers that the market has to offer today. What we have been promised by Colosoft through their creation is an end to end, round the clock packet analysis, coupled with historical network analysis. nChronos provides an enterprise network management platform which enables users to troubleshoot, diagnose and address network security and performance issues. It also allows retrospective network analysis and, as stated by Colasoft, will "provide forensic analysis and mitigate security risks". Predictably it is a must have for anyone involved with network management and security.

Packet analysis has been in the forefront for a while, for the purposes of network analysis; detection of network intrusion; detect misuse; isolate exploited systems; monitor network usage; bandwidth usage; endpoint security status; verify adds, moves and changes and various other such needs. There are quite a few players in this field and, for me, it does boil down to some key unique selling points. I will lay out the assessment using criteria like ease of installation, ease of use, unique selling points and, based on all of the aforementioned, how it stacks up against competition...

Arani Mukherjee, August 28, 2012

Colasoft nChronos Intro and Troubleshooting As an independent troubleshooter, I am always interested in tools that are portable and provide instant information. Many times when I am looking at a customer's problem, I cannot assume that they will graciously give me their SNMP strings or access to their network management system. That being the case, RMON and any other flavor of Flow would also be out of the question as well. Honestly, I hope a customer wouldn't willingly give out that kind of information or access to anyone. Since my background is protocol analysis, I tend to gravitate to those tools that work from the packet level. Of course I know this isn't always possible, but I'll take whatever I can get. And as the old saying goes, "Packets don't lie".

Author: Tony Fortunato, March 12, 2013

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