The health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers are our top concerns, and our hearts and thoughts go out to all those affected both directly and indirectly by the COVID-19 outbreak. In view of the increasingly serious development of COVID-19 worldwide, we are actively taking countermeasures to ensure the safety of our employees, partners and customers.

Nowadays we surely know the stability of the network are critical to keeping enterprises and organizations up and running, and working from home during COVID-19 makes people more demanding with a reliable network. Colasoft, trusted by customers for 17 years, are here to provide professional network performance monitoring and diagnosis solutions. During this special period, we promise a 24x7 support availability: Colasoft is working hard and creatively to ensure constant and reliable support. If you need any service and support, please visit our Contact Us page to get contact information.

As the situation varies, we will strictly follow the local government's recommendations for epidemic prevention. We will continue to pay attention to the changes in the COVID-19 outbreak and take the right measures to protect the health and safety of our employees, partners, and customers.

At this difficult time, thank you for your long-standing support.

Best regards,

Kang Lin, President and CEO | Colasoft