You can try, 1, Run the software as administrator. 2, Restart or reinstall the software. 3, Check if the unidentified NIC is in poor contact. 4, Check the adapter driver. 5, Replace with other NICs.

If the problem still exist, please send the details to for help.

The mac scanner is bound to the IP address you have configured on your NIC. For example: you are accessing the network by IP address, then the mac scanner will read the information from your NIC and allow you scan only the IP range

The Mac scanner works by ARP protocol. As we know, ARP is a protocol without IP header which means it can not go across layer 3 devices such as router(gateway), or L3 switch. Also we know that communication between different IP range (networks) has to be handled by the gateway. So here is the result --- MAC scanner can not work over different networks. This is technically not feasible rather than a drawback of the program itself.

Actually this happens all the times. Normally users can configure more than one IP address on one NIC but one IP address can only be allocated to one NIC. For example, you can add many IP address to specify yourself and even more than one gateway in Microsoft Windows OS, advanced TCP/IP settings.

Another scenario, if there any virtual machine hosted in your system, and they are bridged to the physical NIC, they will consequently be exposed to the network, and some virtual machine use multiple IP address over a single MAC address.

There are mac addresses begin with F or other values. They are broadcast or multicast, and only appears as the destination addresses. Since the mac scanner is designed to find out the active IP addresses and corresponding mac addresses in a broadcast domain, each of the mac listed should belongs to a physical existing device. Only the mac address which can be used as a source to send data can be listed.

After scanned a hundreds of hosts, there might be more entries listed in the frame if there are multi IP hosted in one mac. It would be a huge and dazzling work to find the right information from them. The "find" is just works as a match tool, it will find all the matched context you input for you. Notice, it only works after scan. I think that why you have never find anything match your input condition.

It is not supported to export data into rereadable file format in the version 1.0. However, the Mac scanner 2.0 Pro can export data and then import them, and this offered a more powerful interface for data management.

The first 24bit of each NIC MAC address is specifically assigned to different manufacturers. The MAC Scanner uses the database of first 24bits allocation to specify the manufacturer of each NIC. However the allocation updates upon times, new manufacturers appeal for new values. We can only guarantee that we update the database as soon as we can but there is a release schedule of each product. Please understand it is not possible to keep the data synchronized all the time.

Please right-click on the program icon and click "Run as administrator".