For licensed customers, please contact us at if you have any question, and we will contact you within a business day.

As a registered customer, you can:

  • Have a unique Customer ID and changeable password. When you need help from Colasoft, you just need to provide your Customer ID.
  • Timely get the latest updates available for your product.
  • Bind your new product with your account.
  • Modify your user name and email address.
  • View your product information and the product-associated maintenance's status.
  • Retrieve serial number.
  • Renew product directly from your account.

There are two possible reasons: either you have not yet registered, or the email address you were using is not the registered email address. You must be a registered customer when you use the service to retrieve password. In the second case, you can use the original email address, or change your registered email address first in "My Profile".

No. You should use the customer ID/Email address and password to log in, which will be sent to you after your registration.

Yes. Please contact and provide your company name, product name or order reference number, serial number, registered email address.

Yes. After login and click "My Profile", you can see your registration information including email address, click the "Edit" button to modify. Please check carefully before you save the change.

You can send a request to retrieve password. You can also contact with your Customer ID if you need a non-registered email address.

Yes. You can retrieve license information after you login Customer Service. Click "My Product" and the product name for which you want to retrieve license information, find your current product version and click the "Get License Information for this version" link.

Login to your Customer Service account, select "My Product" and click the product name, click the "Get license Information for this version" link for your current version.

Please start the activation wizard and select "Activate with license file", and send the Serial Number and Machine Code to , we will contact you within a business day.

The "Error 912" means you install the product on extra machine which reached your license permission. You need to purchase additional license for use.

Login to your account and click "My Product", you will see a product list indicating the maintenance status for the product.

It depends whether your maintenance expires. If you are within the maintenance period, you can get the free upgrade. If your maintenance has expired, you need to pay for the upgrade by purchasing renewal maintenance.

For maintenance renewal purchase, please log into the Colasoft Customer Portal.

You need to purchase renewal maintenance for your product to get the latest updates. Click the product name from "My Product", then click the "Renew your product" link and finish the payment process. Add the new product to your account after you receive the delivery email, then click the new product name and download the updates.

You either are not registered customer or forgot your Customer ID or Password. If you did register and make sure you have entered the correct Customer ID, please submit a request to retrieve password, and then try to log in again using the new password returned by system. Please contact if you still fail to log in.

Yes. You can create a new password by selecting "Change Password" from your account.

For maintenance renewal purchase, please log into the Colasoft Customer Portal.