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Colasoft Capsa FAQ

Want to Know More About Capsa

  • What is Capsa?
  • Who should use Capsa?
  • What are the differences between Free and Enterprise editions?
  • Does Capsa affect my network traffic while analyzing my network?
  • Do I need to buy extra network devices to support Capsa?
  • What basic knowledge should I have?
  • Have Problem While Installation

  • Does Capsa work on Windows 7?
  • Free Edition - What is 50-Node-Limit?
  • Free Edition - Where can I get a Serial Number?
  • Free Edition - I already completed the form to apply a Serial Number, why haven't I received the confirmation email?
  • What should I do when I get "procedure entry point could not be located in the dynamic link library" error during installing Capsa?
  • Have Problem While Using

  • How to use Capsa?
  • How to configure port mirroring?
  • Why do I only capture traffic to and from my machine?
  • Why don't I see the Dashboard tab sometimes?
  • What types of IM messages does Capsa monitor?
  • Why do I see "Error: FindWindow() is failed." error message when I start Capsa?
  • What does "No enough RAM space to build packet buffer" error message mean?
  • Can I monitor traffic of my remote business network?
  • Why doesn't Capsa find any adapter on my machine?
  • Why doesn't Capsa monitor the whole network?/ Why does Capsa only capture some traffic?
  • Is there a way to know the total bandwidth utilization and the bandwidth utilization for a single machine?
  • Can I know the websites that every internal IP visits?
  • Is Capsa able to replay the packet files from Wireshark?
  • Download Capsa

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