Colasoft nChronos is the forensic data recorder and analysis solution of Colasoft. Using a unique, application-centric approach for network forensics, nChronos simplifies and expedites root cause identification. nChronos is the best-in-class product that records network traffic, then indexes and categorizes the data. It lets you rewind and review the events and background information to extract the data you need.

With nChronos, you can record, identify, and analyze current and past network traffic to view the activity as it happens or go back days or weeks quickly.

Often, the only way to get to the root cause of unwelcome or intermittent events that occur on your network is to use a retrospective network analysis. This is the product that can capture and store packets at full line speed without dropping any packets, and without resorting to packet slicing.

Get ready now, because if you wait, it'll be too late. Now before a specific event actually happens is the time to start collecting packet evidence and equip yourself to find that needle in the haystack.


Our Solution


  • Retrospectively analyze historical traffic of any time period
  • Proactively network monitoring and cost-effective network management
  • Fast drill-down for network forensic analysis
  • Mitigate network security risk
  • Remote access for distributed LAN/WAN network management
  • 7x24 real-time network traffic capturing and recording for forensics analysis
  • Base lining and visualized trends of network performance
  • All-weather critical links monitoring & alerting
  • In-Depth network traffic analysis to optimize performance
  • Efficient drill-down for traffic data-mining & indexing

Colasoft provides a line of products. nChronos is a turnkey, continuous capture solution that gives network engineers unprecedented, real-time and post-capture visibility into remote network segments. These network analyzers are with a variety of capture speeds and storage capacities.

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