Capsa Network Analyzer

The modern network environment is getting more and more complex due to the rapid increase of using IT system, and different types of industries, enterprises all have IT to support their business. While different business trenches their demands and funds for Information Technology, more and more various technology and applications are involved into the modern network, and unexpected errors may happen during these overlapped technology instances: routing mechanisms, fault tolerant configurations, firewall policies, integrated 3G gateway, Wi-Fi frequency, endpoint health, management software etc. Each technology units could be a fault point and any unit encounters an error will absolutely cause unforeseen effect to other units, and then consequently result in a series of troubles in your network.


Our solution

When troubleshooting your network, finding the cause of problems costs the most of the time. It is essential to find a useful solution with which you can pinpoint the source of the intermittence.

Colasoft Capsa is a product which is widely used for troubleshooting. This tool provides statistics support and gives an insight view at frame level. It enables administrators to trace the digital bits running in your network and translate them into human readable information, thus find the source of problems, and then choose the right solution right against the problem rather than merely symptoms. Fix a problem once for all.

Business Benefits

  • Provide the all in one solution for network troubleshooting, network monitoring and network security.
  • Save time and cost to recover the network, decrease the potential financial and legal risks.
  • Improve the efficiency of your network and employees dramatically, improving overall productivity.

Our Clients