Colasoft nChronos, a network performance analysis solution, provides the most efficient & cost effective back in time post-event analysis for enterprise networks of different sizes.

Imagine the scenario where a company encounters network problems without having a qualified network engineer close by to minimize the loss of company revenue and productivity. The longer it takes to resolve the network problem, the greater the loss. An ideal solution to quickly remedy the problem would to be able to examine the data crossing the network at the time of the network problem in order to isolate the cause. Unless we have a solution such as Colasoft nChronos that has already captured and is holding the data that can be analyzed, it would be impossible to replicate the issue. Colasoft nChronos is a network analysis tool we can use to capture, record and store all network data without any packet loss so that we can easily go back in time and conduct post event network analysis. What happened? How did it happen? What consequences did it bring? How to fix it? All these questions can be answered with nChronos.

Our Solutions

Colasoft provides two excellent tools to resolve network issues. Capsa Network Analyzer is a portable network tool for monitoring real-time network traffic, troubleshooting critical network problems and optimizing network performance. Capsa is a great choice for analyzing real time data to determine network issues in post-event analysis, while nChronos is the retrospective network analysis solution which enables enterprise users to examine and analyze the exact data flowing across the network that has been captured by 24x7 network traffic monitoring. nChronos provides extensive packet capturing, enabling efficient data mining and in-depth network traffic analysis to empower customers with the capability of visualizing the overall enterprise network activities. By drilling down to isolate performance issues and troubleshooting high-priority and critical network issues, nChronos provides users with the most efficient and cost-effective solution for post-event analysis. A few seconds of data can be selected to specifically isolate the exact time of a network event with extreme accuracy.


  • Mass network traffic capturing & recording for retrospective analysis
  • Efficiently troubleshoot and analyze network problems occurring hours or days ago
  • Drill down to pinpoint and locate suspicious hosts to avoid damaging threats
  • Provide evidence for network attacks, leakage, and other illegal activities

Our Clients