Network technology training and education are hot topics during the quite evolution of information technology. More and more IT talents are needed in the daily IT involved world.


  • The network technology is still a young industry with decades of years.
  • Unlike the traditional subjects, the network technology is evolving and keeps changing dynamically and continuously.
  • Different network infrastructural device manufacturers share the common standards of the key public protocols but they use different method to implement them and held various method of education for careers' training.

The above reasons induced the education for network technology can only be held at a level of how to, and the trainee can know the skills, tricks, but hardly understand why. It then failed into training rather than a real education for theories.

Secondly there is no proper way or tool for illustrate the very conceptual and abstract ideas of how network functions.


Colasoft Capsa is commonly known as a packet analyzer. It captures network traffics transmitted in the physical wire and decode them on a bit basis.

  • Decode view: display all the captured packets and decode them on a bit basis. There are explanations about each bit/octet, and translate them into human readable words.
  • Conversation view: it lists packets sets on a certain rule of peers' communication. This help user understand how a conversation is organized.
  • Protocol view: this is multiple aggregations based on their protocol characteristics and usage. It helps users learn the basic attributes of PROTOCOL - the core concept of network.
  • Diagnosis view: there are common network problems sum up in an experimentalism way. It explains the symptoms and reasons of these problems, and offered useful experience.

Colasoft Capsa can be easy for fresh man to network technology. It require no long CLI, no complex expression grammar. All what is needed it just basic operation of windows UI.

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