With a view to achieving better governance, many authorities move towards electronic processing of government services. Without doubt, governments, businesses and citizens profit from the conveniences of direct access and delivery of service via internet. Electronic governmental interaction saves time, efforts and reduces costs.

In most cases, existing communication networks like the internet are used for provision of services for citizens as well as for inter-agency communication between governments. Operating with public access, however, increases vulnerability to viruses and worms attacks and exposes critical governmental communication and data to serious security risks. If such attacks aim at governmental agencies like ministries, hospitals, banking and finance institutes, or electrical grids this can be extremely dangerous.

Capsa has developed network and security analysis solutions that take these increased applications and security requirements into consideration. We are proud to offer elaborated network and security proposals that add an enhanced security layer to the customer's existing network infrastructure. Implemented right between the e-government public services infrastructure and the sensitive governmental local area networks, this layer upgrades the existing e-Government network to a multi-purpose communication grid of highest security level.

Industry Demands:

  • Ability to maintaining normal network operation, 24 hours 7 days monitoring and full analysis of packets on the entire network.
  • Effectively find out abnormal network access and virus.
  • Immediately find out network security risks so as to help network admins to solve network problems and enhance security level.
  • Detection of network transmission to ensure network safety, such as to detect if there is plaintext transmission and so on.
  • Real time monitoring of the key applications and devices in the network.

Key Benefits of Colasoft Network and Security Solutions:

  • Allows the seamless integration into the existing network infrastructure without additional investments.
  • Maintain network normal operation and enhance government image.
  • Find out network security threats at real time and reduce network transmission risks so as to build a secure network.
  • Dramatically reduce network maintenance costs by locating and solving network problems accurately and quickly.
  • Improve work efficiency of network administrators.
  • Full visibility of network resources utilization as well as find out network bottlenecks.

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