Outsourcing industry centralized the busywork of network maintenance for SMB companies. They have the best resource of tech talents like senior consultants, engineers with rich experience and highly trained tech skills. They periodically or on demand offer services to clients.


  • The technicians are mostly lack of understanding of the clients' network because there are huge amount of clients and each with a more or less different network environment.
  • Their suggestions and behaviors are often lack of statistic support. All their work is just based on their subjective understanding. They are sometimes hard to be convincible to clients.
  • The symptoms sometimes just appear for a while and when the technician was there, they slipped away. There is no good way for technicians to track them no mention solve them.
  • When there is an argument, no better way to arbitrate but just dispute.


Colasoft Capsa is a software appliance which shows deep insight view of network traffics. It is a reliable tool for technicians who require huge amount of information from different angle, and diagnose network problems.

  • Save traffic: Capsa can save all the capture traffic into packet files and store them on the hard disk for latter analysis.
  • Protocol analysis and traffic monitoring: offer statistics support the diagnoses or suggestions of technicians.
  • Auto organizes node architecture: this will display the gateway and hosts in a hierarchical way and help technicians understand the topology of the network.

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