Items nChronos Enterprise nChronos Standard nChronos Basic
    Distributed deployment
    C/S architecture
    SSH connection
    Capture interface 10GbE capture interface*2 1GbE capture interface*2 100M capture interface*5
    Storage capacity 48TB 16TB 4TB
    Throughput capacity (up to 40 Gbps) 10Gbps 2Gbps 500Mbps
    7*24 real-time packet monitoring
    Retrospective network traffic analysis
    PB-level data storage capacity
    Built-in expert network analyzer
    Up to 10 million pps
    Application performance analysis
    Over 10,000 protocols and applications recognition
    Supported user-defined applications 80 20 10
    Transaction analysis (ie. HTTP, HTTPs, TCP, Database, XML) 100 40 20
    Concurrent connetions from Console 8 4 2
    400+ performance statistics metrics
    Efficient Drill-down for data-mining (2-7 Layer)
    Abundant customizable alarms
    Predefined system report & user-defined report
    VoIP monitoring No
    Multi-segment analysis No
    Provide API of all statistics No No
    Agent Analysis No No
    Syslog alarm log & Email alerting
    Up to 1000Mbps packet downloading
    Export specific statistical data automatically
    Millisecond-level packet analysis
    Nanosecond packet timestamp
    NetFlow analysis
    Support VLAN, VXLAN, MPLS
    Baseline analysis
    Support centralized management interface of UPM
    Multiple security policy & third-party authentication