Free you from the massive data records.

The nChronos Report has been one of the most popular features. The nChronos Report can automatically generate system or customized reports for you according to your preference. Combining with SMTP server, you could schedule a time and the nChronos will send out the reports to the recipients according to your schedule.

The nChronos Report presents a clear clue for you to be aware of your network performance and help you to work more efficiently in monitoring and analyzing your network.

Now, the nChronos makes it even better. The nChronos 5.2 provides more elements for you to enrich your reports.

Let the nChronos monitor your network performance.

Tracking abnormal network performance and user behaviors is a big part of network monitoring. And nChronos makes it a snap.

The nChronos provides a various modules for you to customize the alarms fit for your network condition. The nChronos is able to inform you with your network performance and abnormal issues in time. With the nChronos, you are able to work on your own projects while the nChronos is still monitoring your network performance.

In nChronos 5.2, we added Blacklist/Whitelist Alarm and Baseline Alarm to make this ability even stronger.

Analyze your network performance in the friendly views.

Drag your mouse on the time window, and the nChronos will present the result of selected time period to you in the analysis views underneath.

The nChronos analysis views enable you to make a deeper analysis of your network performance. The nChronos' long-term storage feature allows you to retrieve the traffic packets at any time period, and simultaneously drill down for data-mining and full analysis. You could even export all the data records in the analysis view into a local file in CSV format.

In nChronos 5.2, DSCP view, Segment Group view, and Application Group view were added to strength your analysis ability.

Monitor your network in a more intelligent way.

One of the most critical requirements of management tools is the ability to monitor and record detailed application activity. The nChronos can define custom application monitoring functions as well as transaction monitoring based on the application data. Then the custom application and transactions capability of nChronos enables the network administrator to view the detailed traffic status and statistics of the application or the transactions.

The nChronos 5.2 now provides a better support in transaction analysis area. With the nChronos 5.2, you are able to define a transaction based on TCP protocols.

Voice from Users

Colasoft's nChronos Server and Console coupled with Analyzer is an assorted bundle of efficient software which helps to perform all the function required to preserve network integrity and security. It is easy to setup and maintain, requires minimum intervention when it's working and delivers vast amounts of important information in the easiest manner possible. This software bundle is a must-have for any organisation which, for all the right reasons, values its network infrastructure highly, and wants to preserve its integrity and security.
--Arani Mukherjee

nChronos at G20

The Group of 20 Summit was successfully held in 2016.
Colasoft provided nChronos, a Network Performance Analysis Solution, to help the related department to do Safety Investigation and Attack Defenses.
The reasons why G20 chose Colasoft nChronos?
nChronos is a network performance analysis solution for high performance & critical enterprise networks. With the unlimited data storage & analysis, network traffic safety awareness, real-time analysis and historical playback, Colasoft nChronos made deep analysis of network, found remote Trojan and avoided attack during the G20 Summit.

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